GulgeeZ Charity UK
Founded: July 2016
Every Penny Counts

Team Of Volunteers

We are very grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers who give up their spare time to help our cause.
  1. Chairperson
    Mrs Nighat Hassan
  2. Medical Volunteers
    Miss Rhana Hassan Zakri Dr Rosina Hassan Zakri Dr Selina Rustam Mir Dr Bill Mir-Kohler Dr Nudma Naqi
  3. Team Members
    Mr Rustam Abbas Mir Miss Miriam Mir-Kohler
  4. Contributions
    East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust Chris Adams Opticians, Folkestone, Kent
  5. Website Engineers
    Miss Rhana Hassan Zakri Miss Sardar-Un Nisa
  6. International Relations
    Mr Murtaza Mir